Untappd x Pints and Panels Teku Glass

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Untappd teamed up with renowned beer artist Em Sauter for this one-off Teku glass. 

In 2009, artist Em Sauter got her graduate degree in Cartooning from the Center for Cartooning Studies. And later in her life, while studying for the Master Cicerone exam, she put her education to use by creating visual representations of complex craft beer concepts. The result was Pints and Panels, which you can find on Em's website or her Instagram page.

When Untappd decided to create some new merchandise to celebrate the relaunch of the Untappd Supporters program as Untappd Insiders, we tapped several of craft beer's great artistic talents. One of these was Em, who reinterpreted the classic Untappd logo in her distinctive Pints and Panels style. 

Raise a glass to Untappd, Em, and beer with this awesome 42.5cl Teku glass. 

Cleaning Instructions: Hand Wash.