Limited Edition Metallic Gold Rastal Teku Glass

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Untappd Cipher Logo in reflective Gold on one side.

Drink Socially in reflective Gold on the other side.

Decorated with precious Metal.  Hand Wash Only!  Do not use in Microwave!

Referred as "the world's best beer glass," the 42.5cl Untappd Rastal Teku Glass offers something for all of the senses. It was designed by a craft beer expert and a sensory analyst to enhance the drinking experience. Manufactured by renowned German glassmakers Rastal, this Teku glass, with a 14.5 ounce brimful capacity, is the glass for all beers. Cicerones to homebrewers alike have praised the Teku glass for its quality and ability to present a variety of craft beers perfectly. 

An angled bowl captures the aromatics for the nose and palate. The slim lip of the glass feels perfect when drinking and the stem creates a stylish visual presentation.